Techniques For Improving Mindfulness

Posted on 05 October 2016

Mindfulness is a state of being, it is a sensation of being truly there in a moment where mind and body have come together to become one. We live in a busy world. We rush from one task to the next, our minds never really focusing on one moment or job before we are on to another. But during our everyday rush to accomplish necessary tasks, we find ourselves losing our connection with the present moment.

We spend most of our lives thinking about the future and what will happen and when. We are all guilty of not taking 5 minutes out of the day for ourselves to be in the here and now. Mindfulness meditation is a key practise when trying to reach a mindful state. When we are truly at a mindful state we find it easier to savor the pleasures of life as they occur, it helps you to become fully engaged in activities, and it creates a greater capacity to deal with adverse events.

To help you to achieve this state here are the best techniques for improving mindfulness that we can all easily do.

Basic Mindfulness Meditation

Basic mindfulness meditation is the easiest way to start the path the mindfulness. To complete this technique simply sit quietly cross legged on the floor or on a straight backed chair and focus on your breathing. Feel and notice each inward and outward breath as they enter and escape your body. Focusing on your breathing alone allows your mind to relax and empty, this will put you into a happier mood and allow all tension to escape your body in the process.

Urge Surfing and Redirection

The act of urge surfing is to notice a feeling, craving or thought and to allow it to pass. The best action is to tell yourself that the craving will subside as it always does. This is a technique that has been used for people dealing with addictive behaviours. Redirection is a technique that stops a wondering mind. Have you ever tried to sit and relax but your mind has tried to trick you into thinking that the oven is on or left you wondering what time the shops open at a Bank Holiday. If your mind wanders away from the task at hand, stop your trail of thought and revert back to your present task.

Attentive Listening

Have you ever had to ask someone to repeat something or have you ever forgotten someone’s name? The act of forgetfulness is something that occurs due to our inabilities to pay attention to the person speaking. It is not a case that we forgot what they said, it is more likely that we weren’t listening so our minds didn’t get chance to make space for this new piece of information. Forgetting to do something or forgetting a piece of information can be very stressful in different situations. Attentive listening uses the same technique of focusing on the person speaking and nothing else. This will your relationships, work life and over understanding of a topic.

What techniques do you use to achieve mindfulness? Let us know in the comments below or head on over to our social media accounts and join the conversation.

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