Colours For Moods: What Colour Should You Be Wearing?

Posted on 19 September 2016

Colours For Moods: What Colour Should You Be Wearing?

It’s 6.30 am and once again you are standing there trying to decide on your outfit for the day. A task that is probably one of the most stressful in a morning. Seriously, most people can barely put their socks on before their first cup of coffee in a morning so having to choose their entire outfit before the sun has even woken up should be a big no. As you stare into your wardrobe with your best work clothes staring back you should consider more than just the weather. What other elements will make up your day? Are you planning on making a good impression? Do you have a big meeting? What feeling and mood do you want to exude today?

The colours we choose to surround ourselves with affect our lives in many ways. Through cultural thoughts and experiences we associate different colours with different meanings. Some studies have even suggested that we feel colour, we don’t only see them. So to help you to make that early morning decision a little bit easier we have prepared the perfect colours for your mood. What colour should you wear today?

Step away from that black suit/dress/go to jumper and feast your eyes on the bold and beautiful...

Issue: You have a big business meeting today

Colour you should wear: Blue and yellow

Colours For Moods: What Colour Should You Be Wearing?

There is a reason why post-its are yellow. The happiest of all of the colours is known to help the brain to concentrate as it wakes up your mind and nervous system. Blue is another colour that has been known to help the brain to unwind and relax, helps you to increase your intuition and is a great colour to use for your mindfulness meditation as it is known to be a tranquil colour.


Issue: You want to make an impression

Colour you should wear: Red

Colours For Moods: What Colour Should You Be Wearing?

Red may be the colour associated most with anger and aggression but it is also the colour of love and passion. It has been known to make people look more attractive, just think of the red lipstick and bombshell red dress persona and you’ll see what we mean. Red is a strong colour, bold colour. A colour that will help a naturally shy person to stand out in a crowd. Red is also a colour known as a re-energiser, known to pick up your mood and allowing you to show off the best possible you.

Issue: You are feeling low

Colour you should wear: Orange/yellow

Colours For Moods: What Colour Should You Be Wearing?

If you are feeling low and want to boost your mood as quickly as possible, step away from the safe black and grey items that you own. Head towards orange, yellow or simply a bright coloured item or accessory. Orange is a colour known to make you feel social, it brings you out of your shell while yellow helps you to exude positivity. Combine the two for an instant mood lift and an overall better day.

Now that you know the best colours to wear to reflect your mood and improve your day, we don’t want to see you in black and grey every day!

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