Colour and Personality: What Your Favourite Colour Says About You

Posted on 03 May 2016

Colour and Personality: What Your Favourite Colour Says About You


How does the colour red make you feel? Are you drawn to a blue room when compared to an orange room? Colour plays an important role in our lives and has the ability to affect our emotions, mood and decisions on a day-to-day basis. There is a psychological reason behind everything that we like in our lives and our favourite colour is no exception. Everyone has a favourite colour whether they know it or not.

Your favourite colour, whether it be your favourite colour or a colour that you are always drawn to can help to project some of your personality traits. If you’ve ever wondered why you are drawn to some colours ahead of others, first of all you need to ask yourself…

What is my favourite colour?

Got the answer..? Great, let’s take a look at what your favourite colour says about you as we take a look at the personality traits of the primary and secondary colours.



You are: Powerful and passionate

Red is the stereotypical colour of attraction, lust and sex. Studies have found that people are more attracted to a person when they are wearing red. If your favourite colour is red you are confident in everything you do and wear your feelings on your sleeve. Some may see it as the colour of anger and aggression due to it being the colour of blood but you are a bold individual that leaves an impression – whether it be good or sometimes bad.


You are: Happy and optimistic

Yellow is a bright and happy colour as it represents the sun and warmth. If your favourite colour is yellow you are an imaginative, optimistic person who is the life and soul of the party due to your positive ways and you are a treasured friend to all. Just remember to stay your positive self when others highlight that yellow can be the colour of cowardice – what do they know, they’re favourite colour isn’t yellow!


You are: Trusting and peaceful

Blue is a calming colour that subconsciously can balance the stresses that you encounter in your busy life. You are a cool character who can easily relax at the end of the day and you are able to find your inner peace and tranquillity in places where others struggle. People who love to wear the colour blue have been known to be the most reliable people.


You are: Analytical and appreciative

To most green symbolises the colour of nature a feeling of being at one with yourself and the earth. But according to colour psychology those who love green are very analytical and have tendencies to worry about their loved ones and their personal security. People who consider green to be their favourite colour appreciate everything that they have as they know that they have worked hard to earn it and will never give up. Although they are prone to over thinking when it comes to their finances, a person who loves the colour green is a smart person who can be considered a social butterfly and is always ahead of the trends.


You are: Enthusiastic and energetic

Orange is a warm colour that represents energy and vitality and that is something that you have heaps of! You are quite a flamboyant and fun person who would rather leave being sensible to someone else. You’re adored by all and always the centre of attention thanks to your friendly, easy going nature. Halloween may be represented by the colour orange but there is nothing scary about you.


You are: Wise and artistic

Purple was originally known as the colour of royalty and expense. A colour worn by the noble for hundreds of years. Now-a-days purple represents creativity, a person who loves the colour purple chooses to colour outside the lines and does not like to remain in a box. You are a collector of all things and never like to throw out something that could one day be considered a memory. You are quirky and cool, when someone is zigging you are usually zagging but that’s ok as that is what makes you special.

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